Patrick McClure
Consultant & Senior Executive

Patrick McClure is a Proven Sales Manager and Executive with the ability to quickly determine critical problems and their root causes. His 25 year corporate career includes direct sales in excess of $100 million in products and services and management of multiple high performance teams.

Patrick is one of the best trainers I have had the opportunity to learn from in a long time. He commands the attention of the ...more
Rhonda L. Sher
Did you Know ?

Did you Know ?

  • 80% of Salespeople give up after the 4th call.
  • Yet, 80% of Sales occur AFTER the 4th call.
  • Which group do you belong to?
  • A Hot Lead will turn cold if not followed up within 2 days
  • The only acceptable ratio is 100% follow up of all leads. Yet, very few companies track this critical ratio.
  • 45% of all sales inquiries will buy from SOMEONE within a year.
  • All Sales Methodologies will work, if they are agreed upon and used.
  • Profits are the only advantage
  • Success = Profitable Growth (of your customer)
  • Sales defined in 4 words:  Ask Questions and Listen
  • Find the Key Individual:  who is the REAL buyer?
  • Sell Value, not Features or Benefits
  • Shut Up, Stop Selling and Listen
  • 73% of all Websites are found through Search Engines
  • The first 30 seconds of your speech is the most important
  • Eliminate the lower 20% in your sales pipeline
  • Key to Success: Have a written plan every day

Source:  Find Lost Revenue: Uncover Hidden Causes to Common Sales and Marketing Problems:  Solutions Press, (McClure, Friedman, Johnson, Nasser, Obermayer)  Newport Beach, 2009.


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