I just wanted to say that I have seen you speak twice now and both times I came away with some ...more
Joseph Cavallo
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You can't win the Game without Cheerleaders


Building Valuable Connections: Inside & Out. How to boost your performance to astonishing levels by learning how to build a team of valuable connections. Learn to build a team of advocates who will lead your expansion into the next millennium!

The Five Biggest Mistakes All Sales People Make, and how to Avoid Making Them! Learn exactly where you are losing business, and why. These areas are costing you revenue right now, and they are easily corrected.

The Persuasive Leader: How to Speak with Maximum Impact. Most executives deliver stale, stiff, and stultifying presentations. You may be losing audiences, customers, employees, and partners by your inability to lead from the podium. Find out what you can do NOW to energize your audience!

"Patrick has been a featured keynote and seminar speaker for numerous organizations, associations, and corporations.  Because of his 30-year career in sales, management, training and consulting he is able to deliver tremendous insights into “the way things really work.”   His upbeat and motivational messages are just right for your next corporate event or meeting!


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