Patrick McClure
Consultant & Senior Executive

Patrick McClure is a Proven Sales Manager and Executive with the ability to quickly determine critical problems and their root causes. His 25 year corporate career includes direct sales in excess of $100 million in products and services and management of multiple high performance teams.



You took the time to understand our business, familiarize yourself with our staff and you even learned our jargon before you started working on the project. This strategy showed our staff and me that you cared enough to comprehend us. As I had hoped you found gaps in our marketing processes and you have suggested ways to modify them in ways which will help boost our success rate. I am very pleased with the way you conducted this process as it did not result in finger-pointing. Our staff and marketing team did not feel threatened. Pat, keep up the good work! I'm sure we will have more projects you can help us with in the future.

Daniel Rex
Director, Communications and Marketing, Toastmasters International

Thanks for all the advice and training on public speaking. I find myself more confident and less hesitatant when giving presentations. Wish I would have done a course like yours earlier in my career!

Alan Honigman DDS MS

Patrick is one of the best trainers I have had the opportunity to learn from in a long time. He commands the attention of the room, is interactive, constructive in his student critiques and is the best at what he does.I know a winner when I see one and this is it!"

Rhonda L. Sher

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