Your presentation was the most valuable to me personally since I been with my Executive Forum ...more
Todd Snelbaker
Call: 949/858-0755

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I just wanted to say that I have seen you speak twice now and both times I came away with some excellent tips to guide me throughout my young career. Keep up the GREAt work and I look forward to reading your book and seeing you speak again.

Joseph Cavallo
Consultant, Financial Management Network Inc

Patrick was the guest speaker at our March 25th community breakfast. We were all blessed with wonderful techniques on how to improve our presentations. Very crafty, very novel, and very effective. I know that I am not alone in thanking Patrick for his sagacity.

Thierry Montoya
Attorney, ProGrowth Team Leader

What a meaningful and powerful interactive workshop you gave to each and every one of us who gathered to be in your audience. We received countless tips and encouragement nuggets from your thoughtfully prepared and delivered message full of wisdom, experience and judgment. Each person was lifted and motivated to go forth and practice being "other centered," leaving "I " "Me" and "Mine," way behind. Thank you for awakening us to spiritually elevating moments, as we focused our attention on "What's in it for you." You are a dynamic, vital "shot in the arm" of what everybody needs. You sold us on ourselves, we loved us, and we loved you.

Frances Jordan Stein, PhD
President, Achievers Club


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